Hotel and spa Lapland Hotels Saaga is the young member of our family of hotels and the first one on the Ylläsjärvi side of the region. Saaga is located on the tree line of Ylläsjärvi, where the scenery is magnificent, as far as the eye can see. The view changes according to the time of day and year, making every moment special in our hotel. The Gondola-lift, which runs right next to our hotel up to the fell, tempts you to spend a day on the slope

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None of the other hotels are located as high in the fell as Lapland Hotel Saaga. This means that the magnificent views of our rooms look out either onto the fell, or to the horizon hundreds of kilometers away. Our rooms and apartments are meant for all types of people — an outdoor person, someone who wants to enjoy life, families, or couples. Versatile skiing tracks and paths invite you to dive into the shelter of the forest, after breathing in the fresh air on the fell.
Beautiful pool facilities, which include a jacuzzi and steam sauna, provide excellent possibilities to relax.
Hotel guests can use the gym and the spa free of charge. When staying in holiday apartments you have special spa packages for your stay with special price.  
Hotel is open until 1st May 2022.
Chalet apartments are available for rent when the hotel is closed. The key service is open at the reception Mon-Fri between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
On summer time hotel is open from 10th JUN until 2nd OCT 2022.