HUSKY SAFARI 10 KM, Saariselkä

HUSKY SAFARI 10 KM, Saariselkä

Guide your sled dog team through the white wilderness.

Duration 3 hours
Price from 188 EUR per person

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Experience a wintertime safari with a team of huskies! When arriving at the farm, the enthusiastic barking of friendly arctic dogs will welcome you. Before departing on your journey, you'll be given instructions on how to control the sleds, which you get to ride in pairs. If you want, you may swap places at the halfway point! The head musher will talk about the life and training of these Arctic animals, and you'll have a chance to take some great photos. Warm drink will be served by an open fire. Transfers to the husky farm by bus.

Good to know:
- Note that children under 2 years are not suitable to take part on husky safaris.
- Husky ride approx. 1 hour.
- Sled is shared between two adults taking turns: other one as a controller standing behind the sleigh and other one sitting as a passenger.
- Husky teams consist of two husky breeds, Alaskan and Siberian huskies.

Please notice that the pick-up time for the safari is different from start time and depends on your accommodation. We kindly ask you to check carefully the correct pick-up time from your ticket.

What's included

Programme transfers, thermal outfit, guidance in English
Husky sleigh ride
Juice break

Duration 3 hours