Get Arctic experiences at Levi

Get Arctic experiences at Levi

Enjoy your holiday in Lapland with trustworthy dog sleighs, traditional snowmobiles and the magical Northern Lights.

Package valid 1st Dec 2022 - 2nd Apr 2023, according the availability.

Price from 704 EUR per person
4 to 6 nights

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Choose Lapland's most interesting holiday in Levi, place with high standard facilities, international atmosphere and genuine Lappish hospitality. Whether you stay for four or even six nights, you will be next to the most amazing northern experiences. Levi resort is easy to reach, only 15 minutes from Kittilä Airport.

One day will be spent on snowmobiles as we head to a distant lake where Lapland's landscape meets tranquility. You can try your fisherman's luck by ice-fishing on the frozen lake. It's a magical feeling to watch the water ripple inside the whole in the ice as you wait to find out how wild catch on the other side of the line is. Soup lunch is prepared on a campfire during this all-day safari.

The second outing of your holiday is spent with dogs. It's time to harness the huskies and head to the amazing winter forest! You will get to take care of your own sleigh and dogs in pairs. The sleigh moves softly on the narrow paths, while the dogs' eager barking makes the guide forget about everything in the outside world. After the outing, it's time to have snacks by the fire and cuddle the blue-eyed dogs goodbye.

The culmination of your holiday is an excursion to a beautiful dark forest on snowshoes. It's a magical feeling to be surrounded by nature where the only sounds you hear your snowshoes hitting the frozen snow. As you enjoy the silence, remember to look up as we are hunting for the Northern Lights. They can come out at any point of our trip.

Lapland Safaris Sirkantähti is located at the heart of Levi, in the middle of everything. The hotel's advantage is its proximity to the safaris - you can join a snowmobile safari right outside the hotel! In the winter, the entire Levi village is tuned to take care of visitors with the help of shops. restaurants and activities.

While you are making the booking, you can also add more activities and/or extend your stay if you like!

What's included


  • at Lapland Hotels Sirkantähti, min. 4 nights
  • breakfast is included

Activities during your stay:

  • Husky 10 km 2,5-3h. Departures on Dec: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri. From January onward every day, excl. Sundays.
  • Fishing experience by snowmobile 4h. Departures on Tue, Thu, Sat
  • Aurora hunting with snowshoes 2h. Evening departures on everyday excl. Sundays