When you want to do the most Finnish thing possible - you have to visit a sauna!
Price from 75 EUR per person


Join us and experience the smooth and authentic smoke sauna like the locals. Our tours are exclusive since our group size never exceed 8 persons.
This evening trip is perfect for those who want to:
Enjoying the evening with a sauna and a swimLearn about the history of the sauna and it's importance in Finnish cultureTake an arctic dip in the spring and winter, or a fresh dip in the summer and fall!
The sauna we are visiting is a smoke sauna which makes it quite special as it is heatedfor six hours before it is ready; a traditional wood sauna normally takes around45 minutes to heat up. The heat in a smoke sauna is noticeably smoother than most saunaswhich is a great way to introduce first-timers to a sauna.
You may have heard that the Finns bathe in the heat naked, but since we are at the public mixed smoke sauna it is mandatoryto wear bathing suits, so no sweat! (Okay, there still will be sweat.)
Experience an authentic Finnish smoke sauna Swim in a freshwater lake Ultimate relaxing experience Do the most Finnish thing possible

What's included

Transportation from central HelsinkiProfessional guideSauna entry feeSauna-sandals A towel